How We Are Different

The Investment Banking process is stale and lacks innovation. Everyone follows the same “cookie cutter” approach.  We specialize in understanding the unique needs and differentiators within the National Security sector.


National Security Capital combines the best of “Wall Street” finance experience with the best of Cyber/National Security Industry owner-operator experience.

This unique combination of experience allows us to dig deeper to understand our client’s business so as to be innovative and tailored in how we support our clients. We have access to knowledge and relationships that others do not. We are not formulaic and each client is unique, different, and has a different value associated. To the traditional Investment Banker, your business can be represented in a spreadsheet and financial statements. We know better!!


We have over 100 Executive Affiliates from the Cyber and National Security Community assisting us in providing deep industry knowledge and access to relationships that is unparalleled.

This network combined with our Partner’s deep experience in starting, building, growing, and selling their businesses in this same community provides for a powerful combination. This experience and network translates to exceptional results for our clients.


We start with the premise that each company and ownership team is different, with company value drivers and personal needs that are unique to them.

This means we need to really understand our clients and their company and needs at an organic level. We then build a tailored plan specifically for each client. We lever past experience but do not template the process. This process takes about 15% longer to effect, requires imagination and brainstorming between us and the client and our Executive Affiliates, but yields outsized results for our clients.


Deep Domain Knowledge in Technology Verticals

National Security Capital Advisors has particular expertise as well as an outstanding affiliate support network in the following domains:

  • Cybersecurity
  • IOT (Internet of Things)
  • IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things)
  • Cloud Computing
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence

National Security Capital offers Ownership Advisory Services that optimizes not only shareholder value but also post-exit opportunities.

We have assembled a group of previous business owners who have successfully exited their businesses and moved on to compelling new chapters of their personal and professional lives.  National Security Capital has synthesized best practices, success stories and lessons learned related to personal and professional life planning post-exit and will lever these experiences to help our clients proactively prepare for expanded opportunities.  We will not walk away once the deal has closed – we can help develop a tailored post exit plan that is optimized for each individual.


East Coast and West Coast representation

Innovation and business building in the technology, cyber and national security markets are centered in both the DC Metro area and in the San Francisco/Silicon Valley region. We have partners and offices located in each of these regions. This enables us to create cross-fertilization of business opportunities, finding ways in which we can combine the best of both worlds …and to create connections between these communities that lead to outsized results.


We want to be the best, not the biggest!

You only work with Senior Partners; we don’t hire Junior Bankers to work on your assignments as most firms do. We strive to work on only one assignment per Partner at a time which means you get the experienced attention you need.