Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory Services

As Investment Bankers, we have effected multiple M&A transactions at “high water mark” valuations, have raised Private Equity money, as well as private, angel, and venture capital.   Along the way, we have provided growth and exit planning advice to hundreds of companies in the space.

We have developed a proven, tailored M&A process that has enabled us to obtain optimized pricing in the market for our clients.   We only work with a very limited number of clients per year (typically 1 assignment per partner at a time) and strive to obtain optimized results for those few clients.

We offer a full solution,  “soup to nuts” M&A process encompassing the creation and execution of the transaction strategy throughout all phases of the transaction lifecycle, including:

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Deal Identification
  • Transaction Development
  • Transaction Execution
  • Integration
  • Optimization

National Security Capital Advisors partners provide In-depth and tailored M&A Advisory Services focused on identifying the primary value drivers in the business and characterizing them in consonance with the acquirer universe needs.   This requires an in-depth understanding of the unique elements of the services, solutions or product offering, the current and prospective client base, the current and prospective employee base and skill set, the solidity and scalability of the operating processes, and the ability for the acquired business to integrate seamlessly with the acquirer operations.

National Security Capital Advisors partners conduct extensive research and strategize with the Operating Executives within the acquirer entities, who oftentimes have a greater understanding of the acquisition need and are responsible for creating business growth results, as well as working with the Corporate Development team.

If we feel that your business is not ready or prepared to achieve maximum valuation, we will strategize with you to develop a business value optimization plan, which could precede the actual exit by 6 months to 3 years.  There are a variety of areas that will increase value if properly executed.  Conversely, there are numerous business decisions that can seriously devalue a company.  You need to know the landmines ahead of time.