Shareholder Value Optimization

National Security Capital Advisors provides much more than the normal consulting services that everyone else provides – strategic planning, market analysis, financial modeling, valuation support, and exit strategies.  We provide all of these as a portion of a real value-creating action plan.

We have created our “Enterprise Value Multiplier” model to produce superior results.  The core of our model is that we are able to combine our vast business building and operating experience with our network of highly respected experts in the CyberSecurity and National Security communities.  This combination provides us with unique access to knowledge and relationships which we can tailor to our client’s specific needs.  We don’t simply rely on junior analysts to conduct general market research and compile it into a nice looking, but essentially superfluous report.  We work with industry experts to provide actionable plans that incorporate “crawl, walk, jog, run” elements combined with a “quick start” program tailored to the needs and capabilities of our client.

The results are:

Value Maximization.

Create, define and implement differentiated offerings (solutions, products, services) that can lead to new business capture, existing customer retention, and higher valuation in the eyes of a future acquirer.

  • Improved market positioning
  • Development of strategic partnerships with emerging or high technology companies to enhance product offerings
  • Ongoing access to network of industry specific Executive Affiliates
  • Outsized valuation results via process, experience and leverage
  • Optimization of enterprise and shareholder value

Intelligent Growth.

Not all business growth leads to enhanced shareholder value.  In many cases growth can actually depress value. We can develop growth paths that actually optimize shareholder value.

  • Capture the right clients
  • Enhance recruiting of the right employees
  • Enhance retention of employees
  • Enhance performance with “A” players
  • Identify “value nuggets” that the company already possesses

Risk Mitigation.

Identify and ameliorate business and market risks.  Most owner/operators are optimists. However, success in business is governed by avoiding or minimizing the consequences for the inevitable “headwinds” that will occur.

  • Leverage National Security Capital’s experience as owners/operators who have started, built and sold businesses
  • Leverage National Security Capital relationships, built over 30+ years, with over 100 Executive Affiliates to validate strategy, suggest value enhancers, and open doors to new opportunities
  • Leverage National Security Capital’s extensive background in Recruitment and Retention to maintain the strategic utilization of key employees

Strategic Plans for Businesses in Transition.

One of the most perplexing challenges facing a small business is making the decision of when to sell.

  • Should they wait until they have won Full & Open (F&O) contracts?
  • Will their valuations be discounted if they are acquired by a large business and lose small business status?
  • How do they gauge market perception and appetite?

National Security Capital can assist in optimizing value for a small business looking to transition:

  • Formulation of a  “playbook” specific to their customer portfolio and contract outlook/viability
  • Analysis of a firm’s position on the critical evaluation criteria used in determining F&O contract awards:
    • Past Performance
    • Management Depth and Breath
    • Technical Certifications.

If you are ready, we’ll tell you – if you’re not we will tell you that as well (and help you get there).  Sometimes it won’t matter:  regardless of status, there are growth opportunities for agile companies that can deliver fast and cost-effective solutions.

To validate our process please see also the  “Our Experience” tab.