Business Valuation Services

In concert with one of our Affiliate Partners, National Security Capital Advisors provides Business Valuation services which comport with valuation methodology best practices, yet are deeply informed by our knowledge of our market niche.

Valuations are often used for estate planning, fairness opinions and stockholder evaluations, as well as for transactions.  It should be noted, however, that sale value on the open market is not necessarily equal to a formal business valuation (think of the sale of fine artwork, a Picasso by example:  the projected appraisal rarely equals the sale price at auction).  Transaction related valuations are important, and oftentimes necessary at the beginning of an M&A process to provide a benchmark value.

Sale value on the open market is based upon what a top bidder is willing to pay and therefore is highly subjective with the outcome based upon outlier offers from a set of potential acquirers.   A Business Valuation is predicated on a number of financial, business and market factors which can be quantified into an assessment of what a company’s value is likely to be.  National Security Capital has deep knowledge of the Cyber and National Security Community so is well equipped to deeply incorporate the business and market factors impacting a valuation for companies in these markets.

National Security Capital combines the “science” of financial analysis and the “art” of understanding the market so as to render highly informed valuations.